A Sun City Anthem Community Organization

The Sun City Anthem Pet Club is a social club comprised of members who

love companion animals - dogs, cats, birds, horses, etc.

Join us on Facebook

We have two Facebook pages. The main SCA Pet Club page is open to the public and contains information for everyone.

The SCA Pet Club Member Discussion page is where we share photos, videos, and stories about all of the wonderful things we do with our pets. As a member of the Pet Club, you can click the Join Group link in the pet photo to request membership in this discussion group.

What is the Pet Club?

The Sun City Anthem Pet Club is a group of SCA residents devoted to improving the health and well-being of all companion animals under their own personal care, as well as those animals who have been abused or abandoned by others.

We represent a wide variety of interests, and we are constantly trying to gather people with similar interests to pursue projects in those areas.

Many of our members are involved in volunteering and/or fostering for local no or low kill shelters.

We support a lost pet telephone hot line for the Sun City Anthem community to protect wandering animals from local predators, as well as reduce the need for calling animal control when possible.

We support efforts to train our pets to become “better citizens” in order to minimize issues that can lead to pet abandonment.

And we support the promotion of efforts to care for our animals in our absence when we’re traveling or otherwise pre-occupied and can’t care for them directly ourselves.

All of our activities are dedicated to this goal. Whether they are directly concerned with the care of our own pets or devoted to raising funds to support animal rescue efforts, all efforts are dedicated toward valuing the special role pets play in the lives of our members.

The Pet Club is governed by a set of By-Laws, as approved by the membership.

What does the Pet Club do?

The Pet Club meets monthly to organize and support activities and discussions on specific topics. Our meetings provide a venue for promoting social interaction between similarly caring people, as well as a gathering place for advising, swapping stories, showing off our pets, and sometimes, consoling fellow members.

Our meeting activity is extended online in a private Facebook discussion group where member-only conversation provides an opportunity for group solutions to individual problems, and, more often than not, is a source of many smiles.

Why join the Pet Club?

Many people join the Pet Club because they recognize that, increasingly, “it takes a village” to raise a pet. Whether it’s vital socialization, information sharing, lending a helping hand, supporting a humane cause, or consolation, there is a need for member interaction. Others join the Pet Club to gain access to information only available to members, including instruction/courses, recommendations, advice, or celebration.

We recognize that many members cannot consistently participate in-person at meetings, so we endeavor to make our online presence meaningful by posting audio/video of important events and meetings.

Finally, some people join the Pet Club simply because they want to donate funds to support our activities and goals to make Sun City Anthem a better place to live with the animals who provide companionship and unconditional love, so important to the health and well-being of our fellow residents.

Meetings and Dues

Membership dues for the Sun City Anthem Pet Club are $10 per household per year. Our
meetings are typically held the fourth Wednesday of the month at 10 AM in the courtyard
of the Independence Center (weather permitting) – companion animals welcome. We are
dark in June, July, and August.